Cochrane Farmers’ Market Headers

During my time volunteering for the Cochrane Farmers’ Market, I helped develop some header images for the market’s schedule page on their website. The goal was to help website users differentiate the different markets when viewing the schedule. With different headers for each market designed to suite the themes, users can more clearly understand the schedule on the Farmers’ Market site.

Due to COVID-19 the Street market was canceled, so I also designed a header for the schedule saying that it was cancelled. Their slogan “market at the ranche” wasn’t relevant now because COVID-19 caused the market to move, so by designing another header that changes the slogan to “market by the bow” users can be aware that changes have been made because of COVID restrictions.

The overall design was simplistic, with a circular image that I created in Adobe Illustrator based off of the market’s logo. The green hue that I used on the font for the E-news and the Market by the bow headers were from the market’s website, and using the same font and colour helps to create a cohesive look across the market’s different platforms.

I took some photos in my backyard of my fence and pebbled walkway for some of the headers, but I also utilized photos that volunteers from the Cochrane Farmers’ Market had taken like the images of carrots, peaches, and cookies.