Stacked Energy Website

There were many factors into my decision to build a website for the Stacked Energy team through Wix. The main reason was due to Wix’s user interface being more simplistic compared to WordPress and other site building programs, and this would allow ease of use for the staff to edit the site themselves. It was also due to the time frame of the project and the amount of content that they had to display. Wix was an ideal option for a quick and compact site which fit the needs of the folks at Stacked Energy.

Responsive design was an important aspect for the site as it was essential for users to be able to view the site properly on mobile devices as well as a typical desktop computer. 

Ease of use and highlighting information was at the forefront of the design as well as including eye catching animation effects to draw the users attention.





Video Animation

A video showcasing the animation effects on the ESG page of the Stacked Energy website.

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