Caltech Geospatial Process Graphics

As the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words” and what better way to explain to clients the process of Caltech’s Geospatial services than a graphic that breaks down the complicated steps. With this idea in mind, the marketing folks at Caltech reached out to me with the task of developing and creating twelve infographics that would help relay their work process to customers. 

After meetings with Caltech Group to determine the content of each graphic and the specific steps that needed to be displayed, I got to work finding examples of potential artistic styles that would work best to develop the graphics as well as visually display them. We ended up choosing a simplistic lineless and bold cartoon-like style that many infographics utilize. 

Creating each custom graphic was a lengthy and gratifying process. As a graphic designer, being able to use my creative liberties while delivering on the specific steps was an exciting task and utilizing Caltech’s modern and bold branding made it all the more enjoyable. 

Each graphic was designed from scratch in Adobe Illustrator with the pen and various shape tools using reference images from Caltech for equipment such as the drone, mobile mapping device and laser scanner. 





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