Cochrane Environmental Action Committee Website

Being such a productive member of the Cochrane community it’s no wonder that the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee didn’t have time to update their website – and early 2000s websites just don’t hold up to today’s standards of web design. Modern websites utilize images and graphics to help draw the user’s attention and break down large chunks of text. Besides the evolving website design trends, there’s more technical aspects like responsive design and readability that have since grown to become website development necessities. 

Updating CEAC’s site into more modern website standards also involved photography and Photoshop to clean up and enhance the images. The volunteers at CEAC had a wonderful array of action shots to help bring a personal touch to the site, so fleshing out the site simply required some still and dynamic shots. I took these additional photos in camera RAW format to ensure a high level of detail and then edited and enhanced them using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.




An image of the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee’s website home page that displays their logo int the top left corner and an image of homes onlooking a walking path surrounded by green grass and trees. The words on a purple background say: “become a CEAC member today. Working together. For a brighter tomorrow.” Below the image are three text blocks of white text on a brown background that say: “ABOUT US CEAC is an apolitical organization with a mission to make Cochrane and area a more environmentally aware and active community. VIEW OUR ABOUT PAGE LATEST NEWS Check out our Blog for the latest news. We’ll have more community events once COVID-19 restrictions are no longer in place. LATEST NEWS OUR INITIATIVES With the support of volunteers, CEAC has developed and delivered a variety of broad-ranging and effective programs across the community."


A few of my photos taken for the CEAC website

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