Monochrome Posters

The challenge in proposing this assignment for myself was to create a dynamic poster using a monochrome pallet, which I had never attempted before. The main goal was to hone my skills with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator whilst challenging myself artistically through the monochrome palette. 

Using reference pictures of the famous landmarks from Unsplash, I planned out the colour palette for the foreground, background and midground of each poster. Primarily focusing on creating depth while maintaining the singular colour design. 

The photos that I referenced for the posters were the Giants Causeway Photo by Tyler Donaghy,  the Niagara Falls Photo by Bianca Ackermann, and the Preikestolen Photo by Alessandro Erbetta all from Unsplash.



A mock-up of the monochromatic poster of Preikestolen using blue hues. The bright blue sky can be seen and a lone mountain cliff side is the midground of the poster. There are mountain sides and foliage in the foreground of the picture which add a sense of depth.

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